Monday, November 3, 2008

Virtual Chemistry Lab Acid-Base Titration

Acid base titration is great fun! I remember the first time I got to do a titration. It was back in high school AP chemistry; I can remember it like yesterday. This virtual titration is a great educational tool for students. One application that comes mind is having students go through the virtual titration and understanding it before a real titration. The point is to get them acquitted with all of the aspects of a real titration. Seeing what would happen with different amounts of acid and base, students get a sense of the outcome to expect. Also if teachers didn't have access to equipment, student would have this resource for visual learning. As great as it may seem to have this learning tool, I would prefer to carry out an actual titration. Learning how to control the stop is a great skill to possess. To conclude, the virtual titration is great for demonstrating to students but there are limitations that only a real titration can present.

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Harry said...

You make some good points. However, I have to disagree in two respects. First, learning to control a stopcock is not part of science; it's technique. I, personally, found this experience exasperating.

The other comment suggests that virtual experiments are too limited for science labs. You're right about simulated experiments. However, not all virtual experiments are simulated. The most famous probably is the Mars Rover program. It's not hands-on by any stretch of the imagination.

For virtual labs to use with science students, I suggest that you investigate